Aaron’s career in real estate started in Y2K. Reunited with a hometown buddy who convinced him that people actually did rent houses, a career in investment real estate was born. Since then he has encountered every aspect of real estate from residential to luxury, single family to development and raw land to commercial, always approaching each enterprise with his grass roots mentality and always focused in real estate investing. In supervising everything from VA assumptions to subdivision development Aaron excels at out of the box thinking and transactions that requires a more hands-on approach and ingenuity. As an Associate Broker and Executive Director along with other skilled and ambitious people he managed a real estate portfolio in excess of 500M and purchased/sold over 3000 properties during his administration. As a natural progression of real estate investing His first commercial deal was in 2004 and it hasn’t stopped. Never being one to let the market determine his outcome Aaron in certainly not scared to reinvent his model to shift with the ebb and flow of the market. As foreclosures entered the marketplace, Aaron was able to lead the charge with his company at the courthouse steps to purchase thousands of properties, not only for individual investors but also large institutional and REIT buyers. He then shifted into fix-and- flips alongside wholesale properties.


Aaron became a broker in 2006 and has been a branch manager, managing broker and designated broker. From 2010 to 2015, along with his partner, he ran and operated his boutique brokerage. Slowing down the pace, reducing the clients and building multiple businesses. Aaron has owned and sold a number of his own businesses, subsequently giving him a knack for working with local and regional business owners to purchase and sell their own businesses as well as purchase and lease their commercial real estate.


Aaron is ready to stoke the fire, thus he recently MHG Commercial to lead the charge again, this time in building a commercial division of MY Home Group, noticing the advantage and opportunities of working with grass toots brokerage causing disruption in the market. Now together they are capitalizing on the moment to bring commercial real estate into the 21st century by utilizing client relations, social media and open and transparent marketing, usually only engaged in by residential agents.


Aaron is a 5th generation Arizona native and honors his heritage in this great state. Among his many talents he is Mr. fix-it, savvy, not afraid of public speaking, revels in fitness challenges, skiing, surfing, cowboy hat Friday, motor sports and writing about himself in the 3rd person. Most of all he loves his family and trips to their cabin. His greatest joy in life is residing in Gilbert with his wife Randa his 5 children, a dog, 2 horses, 12 chickens, 2 goats and 1 bearded dragon.